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Introduction to our guano clearance and removal service

Guano (bird droppings) can make an unsightly mess on anyone’s premises. For tiny amounts most people would clean it up themselves, but when there is more than that the professionals are needed. Not only does it pose a health and safety threat, but if left its acidity can damage the building. It can also attract blood feeding insects, which can be an additional problem for the people in the premises, as these can transfer diseases to humans. Most soiling of external surfaces happens overnight when the birds are roosting and nesting, and once your pest bird problem has been solved, then it is time for Guano Clearance. At Apex Environmental Services we are experts when it coming to clearing your building of the mess the birds have made. After ensuring all the protective measures are in place, our fully equipped operatives will start the Guano Clearance. Then we will spray the affected areas with insecticides to ensure that the area is free from insects.

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More about Guano Clearance

Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus which grows in droppings and in cases of high exposure can cause infection. When bird droppings dry and become airborne, people may inhale them and become sick.

Before any extensive clean up, protective measures are taken to consider the public, employees/visitors and the environment. Apex operatives are fully aware of the health risks involved and will always complete guano clearances wearing PPE such as overalls, boots, rubber gloves and correct breathing apparatus.

Dust control measures are always considered when clearing dried fouling such as containing the area with plastic sheeting, wetting down the work area to prevent the spread of dust outside the work area and using robust bags to remove the waste from site and prevent contamination. All waste is disposed as hazardous waste via the appropriate channels and insecticidal treatments are often carried out as part of this process to combat secondary infestations such as fleas and mites that are associated with bird infestations.

Removes harmful pathogens

Removes harmful pathogens associated with bird droppings.

Removes secondar infestations

Insecticidal sprays carried out as standard to remove the secondary pest infestations such as fleas and mites that are associated with the pest bird infestations.


Protects staff, residents, public and the enviroment.

Complies with Health & Safety

Helps your site to comply with Health & Safety regulations.

Hazardous waste

Fouling is responsibly disposed as hazardous waste.

Improved aesthetics

Helps to maintain a professional image and protect your reputation.

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Apex Bird Control specialise in bird proofing services across the UK, we provide bird nettingbird mesh, bird spikes and guano clearance services as well as post and wire bird control systems. For a professional and affordable bird control solution, speak to Apex today.

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