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Introduction to hawking and bird scaring services

Birds are very protective of their nests, theirs eggs and their young. If they perceive a threat of any kind, they will move to where they feel is a safer area. That is what happens when they spot a predatory bird such as a Hawk. If they think a hawk has taken up residency in an area, they will move on even though as part of our Bird of Prey programme the hawks do not attack them. Just sometimes, it is possible that the pest birds eventually realise that the hawk is not a threat and start to move back to the affected area. Then other methods may be needed in conjunction with the hawk flying. Firing blanks, pyrotechnics and flying kites can all be extra deterrents. Call us to find out more about natural bird scaring methods, we will help you all we can.

hawking to scare birds

More about hawking & bird scaring

The Hawks flown during the Bird of Prey program in no way attack the birds and in the correct scenario, the presence of a bird of prey on a site convinces the target Species that the predator is resident in the area and that it will attack them or any young they may attempt to raise on the site.

This makes the site less attractive as a nesting or feeding site as the birds instincts for survival kick in especially with nesting colonies.

As the Hawks are used to scare the target species, Apex may also recommend to back the treatment up with the use of pyrotechnics and / or blank firing / kite flying while they rest their birds between flights. Treatments are ongoing and randomly timed as both Gulls and Pigeons will eventually become habituated to any disturbance once they discover the Bird of Prey it is not a threat.

Apex operatives will constantly re-asses the bespoke flight schedule and increase or decrease the programme flying time depending on the sites needs. Depending on the species, a number of egg and nest removal treatments may also need to be introduced to compliment the effectiveness of the Hawking/ Scaring program.

Natural methods

Humane bird control using natural methods to control bird problems and scare the target species away from the site

Bespoke flight plans

Bespoke flight plans are tailored to suit each clients needs.

Humane control

The Bird of Prey does not attack the target species, but uses their biological characteristics against them to teach them the site is not suitable place to occupy.

Prevents ongoing issues

Prevents issues with ongoing roosting, nesting and fouling in an environmentally friendly way.

Bio acoustics

Bio acoustics can also be used to replicate the birds distress calls and play them back digitally. To the target species the sounds are a powerful warning cry which will encourage them to fly away and find somwhere else to roost.

Combined services

Hawking & Bio acoustic programs are often combined with an Egg and Nest Removal Program to break the breeding cycle and achieve a bird free site.

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