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Introduction to the Apex Post & Wire bird control service

The Apex Post and Wire System is an effective way to prevent birds from settling on ledges, windowsills, signs, beams and any other flat surfaces. It is practically invisible from ground level, making it the most discreet of all pest bird control methods. Spring-tensioned wires are attached to posts that can be installed almost anywhere at any height. This is a tried and tested pest bird control system that prevents the birds from getting a foothold, but it does not harm them in any way. It is not the best solution for bird control if there is nesting, but we have many other options available for areas and situations where roosting and nesting is taking place. For more information about how we can help you with your pest bird control, or to arrange a free survey, call us today.

post and wire bird control system

More about the post & wire system

Our Post & Wire system is the most discreet install of all the proofing options and is near invisible when viewed from ground level but is only recommended for low pressure activity

Easy to fit

Can be screwed or glued depending on the surface being protected.

Discreet installation

The most discreet method of protecting a ledge and practically invisible from ground level.

Long lasting

Anti corrosive 304-316 grade stainless fixings used to ensure longevity of the install.

No maintenance needed

Easy to install and requires no on going maintenance.

Prevents roosting

Acts as a barrier to stop pest birds from roosting on a ledge.

Humane Design

Birds cannot get stability when landing so encourages them to fly off.

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Apex Bird Control specialise in bird proofing services across the UK, we provide bird nettingbird mesh, bird spikes and guano clearance services as well as post and wire bird control systems. For a professional and affordable bird control solution, speak to Apex today.

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