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Benefits of Our Anti Bird Spike Systems

If you want a cost effect and low maintenance way of controlling your pest bird problem, the Apex Anti Bird Spike System could be the answer. Birds will often roost and nest on ledges at the very top of buildings where it is too high for you to chase them away. The materials they fetch and carry to build their nests can cause blockages to drain pipes and the birds can cause disease through their droppings. Once they have made their nest it is very difficult to make them move on, so preventing the nesting is the way to go. Our anti bird spikes have a polycarbonate base with blunt spikes fanned out to suit. The spikes are harmless but will stop the birds from roosting and nesting. If you are looking for a cost effective pest bird control, call us today.

pigeon Bird Spike System

More about the anti bird spike system

The system consists of a polycarbonate base and steel spike which is fanned at different angles depending on the specification of bird spike selected which is determined by the species of bird being proofed against and the width of the ledge being protected.

The plastic base of the spike is fixed using a high tack adhesive to the base of the ledge, close enough to the edge to allow the tip of the spike to slightly overhang the edge. When the bird attempts to land on the ledge, the tip of the spike touches its breast which gently pushes the birds off balance, frustrates them and forces them to displace elsewhere. The system is recommended for Low - medium pressure activity.

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Non harmful

Blunted spikes are used on the system which does not harm the birds in any way.

Corrosion resistant

Long lasting installation that is not corroded by the elements.

High quality & rust proof

High quality 304-316 grade stainless steel spikes are used which are rust proof.

No maintenance

A passive system so no ongoing maintenance required.

Versatile application

A versatile system that can be installed to ledges, signage, gutters and windows.

Easy to install

Can be easily installed using adhesive so there is no need to penetrate the surface.

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Apex Bird Control specialise in bird proofing services across the UK, we provide bird nettingbird mesh, bird spikes and guano clearance services as well as post and wire bird control systems. For a professional and affordable bird control solution, speak to Apex today.

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