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Although a sitemap is used more often by search engines than humans, on this page you will find details of all the bird proofing services that we offer.

If you do not find the specific bird proofing service you are looking for, please do get in touch with us; we will be happy to help and offer free advice without any obligation.

Apex Bird Control provide specialist, professional bird control services across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. We are contractors to local authorities and can offer a wide range of bird control services, from anti-bird spiking to a more conventional post and fence system. If you require any form of bird deterrent services (such as netting, spiking, bird mesh installation or other bird proofing), you'll find Apex Environmental Services reliable, professional and efficient at all times. Why not speak to us now?

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We cover the Thames Valley from Reading to Slough, Hampshire (Portsmouth and Southampton), and Oxford area.

Recent work includes:- 

... bird spiking installation Reading | guano removal Southampton | bird netting Reading | bird scaring services Southampton | instal bird mesh Portsmouth area | guano clearance Reading | bird spiking Slough area | bird netting installation Hampshire | pigeon control measures Reading area | seagull/ guano clearance Portsmouth...

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