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09 Feb 2018 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

13 dead wild birds have been found in Warwickshire and 31 infected birds have been identified in Dorset. This has led to a bird flu prevention zone declared across the whole of England. This entails all farmers covering water and feed with anti-bird netting to stop infected birds landing and roosting on their farms. This move means that all farmers and poultry keepers must follow strict guidelines to prevent their livestock from the disease. Wales has also issued a similar order.


The government has said that the strain of virus the birds are suffering from is one that has been in circulation in Europe for several months, but unlike the one in China last year, it is very unlikely to be a risk to public health.


This is just one of the many uses for anti-bird netting, and along with the other measures farmers must take, all the animals should be safe.


Dodging the Poo as You Go To The Gym


Over the last few weeks, West Norfolk Council has used anti bird netting on the roof of a public gym. As the English weather got colder, so the birds started to look for some warmth. They found it on the roof of the gym; every time a door was opened for someone to go in or out, they got a rush of warm air. No one minded them trying to keep warm, but it got to a point where there were so many of them, gym goers were having to dodge the bird droppings to get into, or out of the place.


Anti-bird netting solved the problem, and now everyone can go to the gym with dodging bird poo.


Kensington Palace And the Heron


Kensington Palace has a problem with a heron that keeps destroying prized and very old koi carp. Large open ponds are an invitation to the birds to go fishing, and if they can see a way in and out, that is just what they will do. The head gardener has said the only way to deter such a bird is with anti-bird netting and dense growth around the pond.


Other Uses for Anti Bird Netting


These are just three of the uses for anti-bird netting that have been in the media over the last few weeks. At Apex Environmental Services, we are asked to secure anti bird netting in many different situations. It can be ones of the most humane and cost-effective ways of controlling pest bird species, which is why so many local councils and business opt for this method.


We only use high quality products that are completely humane and element resistant. To find out how we can help you deter pest bird species from roosting and landing where you do not want them to, why not get in touch with us today. You can call us on 01256 578025 or complete our contact form for a member of our team to get in touch with you.

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