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18 Nov 2017 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

Bird Scaring Without A Scarecrow

One of the oldest and probably best-known methods of scaring birds is a scarecrow. Many farmers still use them, although these days they do not resemble Worzel Gummidge. However, what if you need to scare birds away from a more built up area. If you need to move them on from an industrial estate or row of shops, all the people milling around would make a scarecrow pretty useless. Birds are a real risk to aircraft - a scarecrow wouldn't help at Bournemouth or Southampton airports, for example!

There are several ways to scare birds away, but a method is needed that will not harm them, which is why many people call a professional to arrange for flights from a hawk.

Using A Hawk For Bird Scaring

In a relatively short space of time birds will wise-up to some scaring methods, and render them obsolete. They will soon realise that although something may be initially frightening, it will do them no harm. This is often the case with static bird scarers.

A hawk is a much more proactive way to scare birds away, their own survival instincts kick in and mark the are as a no go zone. A trained hawk will not attack them, but the birds don’t know that. Having a bird of prey in the area will put other bird species off roosting and nesting in the vicinity. However, eventually the gulls and pigeons may realise that the hawk is not a threat and other methods may be needed in conjunction with the hawk’s flights. Kite flying, pyrotechnics or blank firing can all be used, and (where possible) removing any nests from the target area, all of these things will help to control bird problems.

Can Bioacoustics Help?

Bioacoustics is a science combining biology and acoustics. Birds have a built in reaction to hearing a distress call from one of their own, and take it to mean get away from the area, there is danger. Using bioacoustics to play them a distress call, together with hawking and a program of nest removal, when appropriate, can soon make a site bird free. Once the nesting cycle has been broken the birds are unlikely to return.

Humane Bird Scaring

None of these ways of scaring birds will harm them in any way. They are natural methods, which they would come across in the wild, and this is why they know how to react and move on. Most people do not want the birds to be harmed, but when they become a pest, a real danger or a health hazard, safe removal and bird scaring is needed.

At Apex Environmental Services we are specialists in dealing with pest bird control. Whether you want the birds removed for health and safety reasons, because of the mess they are creating or because they are becoming aggressive, we will be able to assist you. Why not have a friendly chat to our bird control experts on 01256 578025. If you prefer to email us the address is, or you can complete our contact form.

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