Bird Spikes For Businesses

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08 Jun 2018 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

For businesses of all kinds, pest control is a much-needed services. While commercial premises need to be protected from rats, mice and insects, they also need an effective bird control strategy and anti-bird measures.

If left alone, birds can cause untold damage to business properties. Without intervention, commercial properties can become a prime nesting location for many types of birds. Unfortunately, this can cause damage to the façade of the building, as well as the structure itself. Over time, the damage caused by the birds could result in gaps in the concrete or brickwork, allowing birds and other pests to gain access to the building itself.

Furthermore, nesting birds regularly block gutters, which can be costly and inconvenient for businesses. Each time a gutter is blocked, it’s likely to overrun. When this happens, water will pool in certain areas, risking a leak in the interior of the property. Alternatively, water may spill from the gutter and cause damage and staining to the outside of the building.

How Do Bird Spikes Work?

Bird spikes are an easy way to stop birds damaging your business. Suitable for a wide variety of buildings, commercial bird spikes ensure birds can’t nest or roost on your property. Made of polycarbonate and steel, the base of the bird spikes simply adheres to the ledge, windowsill or signage. Once in place, the steel spikes prevent birds from landing on the building and force them to go elsewhere.

Easy to install, the polycarbonate base is designed to be slimline, so it will attach to narrow ledges and sills. In addition to this, roof bird spikes can be used to protect a larger area and to keep birds off of rooftops. As birds are likely to peck at roof tiles and build nests in the corner of roofs, using commercial bird spikes to protect the top of your building is an ideal way to prevent pests from harming your business.

Are Bird Spikes Harmful?

At Apex, we only use non-harmful bird control measures. Although our bird control options are completely effective, they do not harm any birds or cause them any injuries. Furthermore, our bird spike systems are designed in accordance with relevant wildlife laws and regulations. As many birds are protected by legislation, we ensure we can provide a complete bird control solution in line with the law.

Although our bird spikes are made of 304-316 stainless steel, each spike is blunted. If a bird attempts to land near the spikes, they are prevented from doing so and forced to move elsewhere. While this is effective in moving the birds on, they cannot be harmed by the spike as it does not have a sharpened edge.

Once installed, bird spikes require no maintenance, as they are a passive method of bird control. Rust proof and corrosion resistant materials mean all of our bird spikes are built to last, without the need for on-going repair or replacement. To find out more about business bird proofing, contact Apex today.

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