How to Choose an Effective Anti-Bird Solution

28 May 2021 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

Whether a residential or business premises, birds nesting and perching can cause massive problems.

Concerns range from the health implications associated with bird droppings, to the physical damage the nests can cause to the buildings, to the bird’s general unsightly appearance.

If birds have begun to make your property their home, you must find a suitable solution promptly.

There is a range of humane resolutions available to deter birds away from your property. Each has distinct advantages and can be installed quickly and discreetly.

Anti-Bird Spike Systems

Bird spikes are small spikes made from steel, which prevent birds from landing on any given surface. They can be applied to gutters, windows and even signs.

Spikes are the most straightforward method for deterring birds, as they simply remove the space that the birds require to perch. The steel spikes are fanned at different angles and affixed to the desired surface using a plastic base.

Bird Spikes Are Humane

Many people worry about the nature of spikes, initially concerned that the solution will hurt the birds. Whilst most want the pests removed from their property, we would hope that individuals are not out to cause them pain or suffering.

Blunted spikes are always used, which will not harm the birds in any way.

Bird Spikes are Durable and Versatile

A considerable benefit of bird spikes is the durability that they offer.

The bird spikes installed by Apex are of the highest quality and are weatherproof. These spikes will not rust or corrode, regardless of the adverse weather conditions they are subjected to. Spikes often last more than ten years and require no maintenance once in place.

The spikes are easy to install and very discreet. Meaning they are appropriate for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

Placing spikes around gutters can solve a plethora of long-term problems. A huge issue associated with nesting birds on the home is the debris that becomes scattered. These twigs and leaves can quickly block gutters and pipes, causing significant and often expensive issues.

Spikes stop the birds from nesting, preventing the guttering issues from occurring.

Anti-Bird Netting System

Anti-Bird netting is a low-tech yet highly effective solution for homes, or businesses with bird problems. The netting system essentially creates an impenetrable barrier around your space, meaning birds cannot reach or nest on your premises.

Netting is the optimum solution for large, open spaces. It is advantageous for over schoolyards and outside dining spaces, where hygiene is of paramount importance.

These outside courtyards and dining spaces often have accessible food sources for the birds, encouraging them to return continuously and nest around the property. Therefore, a humane bird solution such as netting is generally necessary.

Netting Offers Versatility

Netting, especially over places where people are eating, needs to be discreet. Most do not want to consider pest birds whilst enjoying their food. So, a bespoke system is necessary to allow the solution to blend into its background effortlessly.

Netting is available in a range of different sizes and thickness options, which can be tailored depending on the specific species of bird that is causing an issue. Netting is also offered in multiple colourways, allowing the purchaser to opt for the most subtle choice.

If required, the netting can also be installed in a way that makes it easy to remove. There are many circumstances where businesses need to temporarily remove the solution, and having this non-permanent option often puts minds at ease.


Durability should be at the forefront of the mind of anyone considering an anti-bird solution. Bird control mechanisms in the UK will be subjected to many weather conditions. Meaning they need to be strong enough to withstand high winds, snow, and plenty of rain.

All netting installed by Apex is made with the best quality materials and is completely weather resistant. It is built to withstand even the harshest UK winter.

Anti-Bird Post and Wire System

The Apex post and wire system is the most discreet bird control mechanism. It effectively prevents birds from perching on any ledge, particularly useful for business premises with a specific image to uphold.

The system involves installing spring-tensioned wire attached between two posts. The beauty of this solution is that it can be mounted in just about any location, at any height.

The wires prevent birds from standing on the walls or windowsills. Therefore, you are much less likely to suffer from the frequent noise or mess caused by birds.

Practically Invisible

The Apex post and wire system is almost invisible from the ground. This makes it ideal for company property, as many business owners prefer pest solutions to be out of the sight of customers.

No Maintenance Required

One of the most significant benefits of the post and wire system is that it requires no maintenance. It is relatively easy to install, long-lasting, and built from durable materials. The post and wire system is a solution designed for longevity.

How Apex Can Help

Protecting your buildings from pest birds is our specialism.

We are more than happy to visit the property, assess the current situation, and advise on the best solution for your problem. We generally deal with bird infestations using a four-step method.

We first conduct a consultation to evaluate and discuss your current needs. The second stage is crucial, as it involves removing any birds, and their nests, from your property. This will always be conducted humanely and may include scaring them from the property.

Next, we will likely recommend a guano clearance service to remove any traces of the birds. This will dramatically improve the appearance of your property.

Finally, we will add prevention for the future. This might include spikes, netting, or a post and wire system.

To find out more, contact Apex Bird Control now on 01256 578025 or email us at

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