How to Keep Birds off Your Balcony

06 Jan 2023 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house or a flat with a balcony, you’re probably no stranger to the unwelcome presence of birds - and their droppings! Having birds occupy your balcony can be a constant source of irritation and noise - not to mention the time wasted cleaning up their guano (a fancy word we use to refer to bird droppings.)

The truth is, birds like to settle on higher surfaces (just like trees) and balconies offer an easy perch for common birds like pigeons and even seagulls. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to discourage birds, we’ve gathered our most effective solutions that will leave your balcony bird-free, without harming any of our avian friends in the process. Let’s take a look!

Why bird deterrents are important

Aside from their relentless cooing and the mess of bird droppings that you’ll be charged with cleaning up on a regular basis, having birds on your balcony can also pose a significant health risk. Guano, when dried, can release toxic, bacteria-laden particles which can easily infect humans who come into contact with them. In fact, bird droppings can contain over 60 bacterial pathogens and diseases, many of which can attack the central nervous system and can pose severe health consequences. Common guano pathogens include Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, and the more serious St. Louis Encephalitis, an inflammatory virus that can, in rare cases, be fatal.

It’s also important to focus on deterrents, rather than attempting to remove existing birds yourself. Aside from being unnecessarily cruel, killing birds or disrupting a bird’s nest is actually illegal in the UK, following the implementation of the Wildlife and Countryside Act put forth by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in 1981. Therefore, deterrents are really the only way to keep your property bird-free without violating the UK’s conservation laws. But what are the best bird deterrents, and how do they work?

How to keep birds off your balcony

So, with all that in mind, what’s the best way to discourage and deter birds from nesting on your balcony? Here’s what we at Apex Bird Control recommend:

Anti bird netting

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep birds off your balcony is to install anti bird netting. While commercial bird netting is commonly used to cover areas like stadiums, large industrial buildings and other open-air spaces, it’s also highly effective for residential use - for example, on your balcony.

Anti-bird netting is also the most humane way to discourage birds; unlike poison, or other harmful and illegal deterrents, bird netting is completely safe, legal, and birds have an incredibly low risk of getting tangled up in the net itself. If this does occur, you can easily untangle the bird (provided it is safe to do so) via your balcony. We’d recommend wearing protective clothing and gloves if you end up needing to do this - don’t forget that feral birds (especially common pigeons) can harbour dangerous diseases.

Anti bird netting works by covering your balcony with a large net - but don’t worry, it isn’t going to spoil your view or get in your way. The netting is typically placed above the balcony, using your wall or fencing as a support, and simply prevents birds from being able to access the balcony at any angle. Your balcony will remain fully functional, and guano free!

While anti-bird spikes are also a common solution to fend off bird infestations, these would ultimately render your balcony unusable for you and anyone else living in your property. Anti bird spikes are best used for high-rise buildings and open-air ceilings, where birds can easily nest discreetly. (And at Apex Bird Control, all our anti-bird spikes are blunt-edged to prevent any harm to passing birds.)

Bird ornaments

Another easy way to discourage birds from your balcony is to make use of bird ornaments. Birds can be quite territorial, so they can easily be fooled into thinking that your balcony is a no-go area with some cleverly-positioned fake birds. You can pick these up at a local garden centre or online, and combine them with some anti-bird netting for a safe, cruelty-free solution to bothersome birds.

Anti bird netting Staines

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial anti bird netting Staines, Apex Bird Control offers cruelty-free, cost-effective solutions for all common bird problems. From guano clearance to anti bird netting for both small and industrial-sized properties, we offer humane pest control solutions at affordable prices across London and the surrounding counties.

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