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22 Jun 2018 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

When it comes to bird control, local knowledge counts. As every area is different, choosing a bird control service run by local experts ensures you’ll get the best results. Understanding the local environment is crucial to successful pest control and moving birds away from your property on to another area requires in-depth local knowledge.

Our expertise in the Thames Valley and Hampshire areas means we’re able to offer an exceptional services to clients in Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth, Slough, and Oxford. While many areas in the Thames Valley and Hampshire are urban, there are also a considerable number of forests, fields and farms. These attract various different types of bird species and affect the way we handle your bird control.

With local expertise, we can identify the species of birds most likely to nest or roost on your property and devise a strategic bird-proofing solution. Furthermore, we’re able to encourage birds to move on to other areas by using humane anti-bird measures, such as hawking. By using our in-depth knowledge of the local area, we're know where the birds can safely migrate to and how best to get them there.

Bird Control In Towns And City Centres

With many urban areas situated within the Thames Valley, birds can quickly become a problem. As well as causing damage to commercial and residential properties, birds can pose a safety risk to humans. As urban areas, such as Reading, Southampton, PortsmouthSlough, and Oxford, are highly populated, it’s important birds are dealt with before they become a health-hazard.

However, effective bird control methods aren’t necessarily the same in each area. As an example, bird proofing in Reading may involve using anti-bird spikes and netting on town centre buildings, for example, while more historical buildings in Oxford may be prevented from using these measures.

As well as having expert knowledge of the geographical environment, we’re familiar with the numerous types of buildings located in the Thames Valley and Hampshire areas. Whether you need to protect a modern office block, a residential high-rise or a unique listed building, we can provide the most appropriate form of bird control.

Guano Clearance In Thames Valley

If you’ve experienced a problem with birds nesting or roosting on your property, it’s likely you’ve also noticed an increase in the amount of guano, or bird droppings, in the area. As well as being visually unappealing, bird droppings can be dangerous. Due to the acidity, guano can damage buildings and it can also lead to illness among humans.

Due to this, it’s important that bird droppings are professionally removed and guano is cleared from roofs, windowsills, ledges and even concrete. This maintains a clean and pleasant environment, and also reduces the number of insects in the area. As a result, businesses and private properties are kept safe and hygienic, while residents and staff are kept free from harm.

To find out more about local bird control and guano clearance, contact Apex Environmental Services today.


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