The Pros and Cons of Guano Clearance London

27 Oct 2022 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

Bird droppings - often referred to as ‘guano’ - are becoming a widespread problem in the UK’s major cities, no more so than in the country’s capital city of London. Not only is guano not particularly pretty to look at, but bird droppings also pose a significant health risk, especially when left to dry and accumulate over time.

One way you can protect your home or business is by hiring an expert guano removal service, where a team of trained experts will safely clear away any lingering guano from your roof, outdoor space, or pavement. But what does this service entail, and is it worth it? In this article, we’re going to explore the pros and cons of guano clearance, and take a look at how it can be an efficient, cost-effective method for clearing unwanted bird droppings.

Pros of Guano Clearance

If you’re dealing with a persistent guano problem, here are just a few reasons why it can be beneficial to hire a professional cleaning service:

Safe removal

One of the major pros of guano removal is that it’s the only safe way to clear your home or business from guano. If you didn’t already know, dried guano can pose significant health risks: dried guano omits dangerous, pathogen-laden particles which, when inhaled, can lead to serious diseases such as salmonella and Cryptococcus. If you try to remove the guano yourself, you run the risk of accidentally inhaling guano particles and falling ill. You’ll also probably be using sub-par equipment, meaning that you’ll take longer to remove the guano and spend more time exposing yourself to potentially harmful bacteria.

When you hire a guano removal team, they’ll come equipped with full PPE to protect themselves from inhaling any dangerous particles, and they’ll also use state-of-the-art, advanced clearing technology to clear up the guano as quickly as possible and minimise their exposure time.


Guano clearance is one of the most cost-effective ways to remove bird droppings from your property or business; buying the equipment yourself is going to require making a significant financial investment, not to mention the time spent learning how to use the equipment to clear the guano efficiently.

Expert advice on pest control

Most guano removal companies will also provide additional services alongside guano clearing, and this can be useful if birds or other pests are becoming a persistent problem on your property. For example, you’ll be able to access expert advice on things such as anti-bird netting, which can deter birds from nesting on your property. In turn, this can help reduce the amount of guano you have to clear on a regular basis.

Protect the integrity of your property

If you have a guano problem on your roof, this can cause serious problems when it comes to the structural integrity of your building. Letting guano accumulate can end up causing rot and mould, which can eventually end up causing structural damage that might cost thousands to repair. By clearing out any lingering guano on a regular basis, you’ll help keep your property in optimal condition - not to mention that it’ll also help keep it looking clean and tidy to passers-by, customers, or neighbours

Cons of Guano Removal

Are there any disadvantages when it comes to clearing guano? Aside from the cost implications, there’s little to no downside to hiring a guano removal company, especially if you’ve been dealing with the problem for a long time. Plus, the cost of guano removal pales in comparison to the cost of falling seriously ill, or sustaining significant damage to your property via rot or mould.

One factor to point out is that guano removal isn’t going to prevent further bird droppings; it’s only going to clear away existing guano from your property. While it’s not a preventative measure against guano, it’s certainly an important preventative measure when it comes to property damage and illness. And as mentioned above, you can always speak to your guano removal company about preventative initiatives to reduce guano over time.

Pigeon Dropping Removal London

If you’re dealing with persistent bird droppings on your property, Apex Bird Control provides expert guano clearance London across all 32 boroughs. Don’t waste time and allow guano to damage your property or cause serious illness - speak with a member of our team today for a quick quote.

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