Using Trained Hawks To Your Advantage

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Picture of Hawking to Scare Birds
12 Jan 2018 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

Hawks are a natural predator and if they are born in the wild, the other birds have every right to be frightened of them. The hawks used for bird scaring are bred in captivity, and trained not to kill. The gulls, pigeons and other birds do not know that, and will soon move out of an area where a hawk appears. Hawks, and most other predatory birds, are quite intelligent and soon learn they are not there to harm other species.

This is one of the most natural ways of moving birds on, as they will not roost or nest anywhere they feel unsafe. It is why at least 12 English councils chose this method of helping to clear their pest bird species. Pigeon and gull control was usually carried out by councils on public health grounds, but also because sea gulls can be aggressive.

A gull will have no qualms about taking food from someone’s hands uninvited, and have been known to attack cats and dogs to get at their food. It is reports like this that have led to increased council spending on bird control, which has more than doubled in the last three years.

Looking For Food and Shelter

Just like most other animals, birds are attracted to any area that offers them food and shelter. If you think your building seems to suddenly have more birds than normal, you need to check no one is feeding them. This can be a problem, so much so that some councils have banned the feeding of birds in public areas, using anti-social behaviour orders as a deterrent.

The birds cannot be blamed in this situation, particularly if they have young ones to feed as well. Any parent would react the same, feeding their young ones is important to them. The same applies when they spot a hawk. They want to protect themselves and their little ones, so move out of what they now see as an unsafe area.

Do You Need Experts In Bird Scaring?

When it comes to bird scaring it is not just the hawks that have to be trained. Knowing the best flight path for them to be effective and how to handle them is vital and should be left to the experts.

Hawking and bird scaring is just ones of the services offered by us at Apex Environmental Services. Whatever type your pest bird problem is, we will have a humane way to deal with it. Bird proofing by a licensed bird control company is the best way to make sure you are not plagued by pigeons, gulls and any other pest bird species.

If you would like to know more about hawking, bird netting, bird spike systems, or any other bird control services, you should get in touch with us today. We will find the best solution for your pest bird problem, both now and for the future. You can call us on 01256 578205, or email us with any questions.

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