What You Need to Know about Anti-Bird Netting

29 Nov 2022 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

If you have birds nesting on your property, you’ll already know how much of a pest it can be. From guano problems to hygiene concerns, it’s a good idea to try to prevent nestling as much as possible; especially since it’s against UK conservation law to remove an active bird’s nest. 

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to prevent birds from nesting on your property is to invest in anti-bird netting. Anti-bird netting offers a humane alternative to other more toxic forms of anti-bird control, and allows you to protect even large and industrial properties at a low cost. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about anti-bird netting: what it does, where it can be used, how much it costs, and why it’s a great investment for your property. Let’s take a look.

What is anti bird netting?

Anti bird netting refers to a net-like structure punctured with small gaps and holes; when placed over the roof of a building, the small holes prevent birds from being able to pass through and use the property to nest or squat.

Is anti bird netting legal?

As you may already know, UK conservation law forbids the removal or destruction of active bird nests from any property; the law also makes it illegal for you to use more toxic forms of bird control, such as poison, to deal with your pest problem. 

As bird netting is considered a preventative measure, it’s 100% legal, and can be installed over any building, commercial or residential. The only risk associated with bird netting is that some smaller birds may find themselves trapped if they attempt to push through the netting. This is a rare occurrence, and if you have access to the roof, you can simply dislodge the bird and set it free.

Where can I install anti bird netting?

You can install anti bird netting over any commercial or privately owned property, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Residential properties 
  • Sports stadiums 
  • Commercial buildings (shopping centres etc) 
  • Factories and industrial properties 
  • High-rise buildings 
  • Office buildings 
  • Blocks of flats 
  • Private housing Garages 
  • Gardens Bridges 
  • Airport buildings 
  • And more!

What are the benefits of installing anti bird netting?

Aside from offering a humane solution to a pest problem, here are just a few other reasons why anti-bird netting is your best option:

Hygiene safety

It’s uncommon knowledge that birds can often be carriers of serious pathogens. Some birds in the UK (such as pigeons) are known to carry e. Coli, histoplasmosis, and salmonella, all three of which run the risk of severe illness if transmitted to a human. By installing anti bird netting, you’ll keep both yourself and those who inhabit or frequent your property safe from the potential for serious illness.

Guano prevention 

Aside from being another risk to human health, guano (aka bird poo) can ruin the exterior aesthetic of your property. With the installation of anti bird netting, it’ll be much easier to keep the outside of your property clean. 

Prevention is key 

As we mentioned previously, dealing with birds can be a complicated task when it comes to pest control. With limited options, you’ll either have to hire an expensive pest control team every few months, or have to perform regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of guano. The safest, easiest, and least expensive option is prevention, and netting enables you to prevent these concerns. 

What is bird netting made of?

Bird netting can be made with a variety of different materials, and your choice of netting will usually depend on the needs of your property. For example, those looking to protect outdoor spaces such as allotments and gardens will often use nylon netting, as it makes for a simple DIY installation. When it comes to using netting on large and commercial spaces, netting made of polyethylene offers enhanced durability. 

How to install anti bird netting?

Unless you’re using bird netting to cover a small, outdoors area (such as your garden or bushes) we’d recommend hiring an expert team to perform the installation for you. Not only will they be able to scale heights, but they’ll also ensure the netting is installed correctly. If netting is poorly installed, it could become dislodged and therefore ineffective against nestling birds. 

Effective anti bird netting in London

If you’re looking for commercial anti bird netting Staines, Apex Bird Control offers expert installation services and humane, conservation-friendly pest control methods for your property.

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