Why are Anti-Bird Nets Important In Farming?

16 Feb 2023 | Apex Environmental Services (UK) Ltd

Why are Anti-Bird Nets Important In Farming?

The agriculture industry is plagued by pest invasions, and none is more destructive than the presence of wild birds. Not only do birds feast on growing crops, but they also spread diseases with their droppings, which can be hazardous to both crops and humans alike. Anti-bird nets offer an effective solution to this problem by safely preventing birds from accessing fields -without impeding the growth or harvest of crops.

So, why are anti bird nets important in farming? In this blog, we're going to go over everything you need to know about anti bird nets, and why they're a must-have for those working in the agricultural industry. Let's take a look!

What are anti bird nets?

Anti bird nets are fine mesh nets used to deter birds and prevent them from being able to access your property. Anti bird nets are typically used to cover stadiums, balconies, large industrial settings and high-rise buildings, but are also commonly used in agriculture to protect crops.

Not only does netting protect crops from being eaten by birds, but it also helps to prevent them from transmitting diseases such as avian flu or salmonella through their droppings.

Why are anti bird nets important in agriculture?

In agriculture, bird damage is one of the leading causes of damaged crops, with some estimating that bird-induced crop damage can amount to a whopping 50% loss in revenue for farmers.

This can be particularly crucial for farmers harvesting lots of fruit-bearing plants and trees, as birds like crows and sparrows can easily pluck the fruits off of branches, resulting in a significant loss of yield. Additionally, birds may also damage fields by eating away at seeds and seedlings; by installing anti bird nets, farmers can protect their crops from birds and help ensure a successful harvest.

That being said, birds also play an important role in pollination, by eating insects and other rodents known to feast on crops. This is why it’s important to find the right balance between deterring birds and preserving their natural role in the pollination process. With anti bird nets, farmers can effectively protect their crops from being damaged by birds, while also providing a safe environment for wildlife.

What are the benefits of using anti bird nets?

So, why should a farmer opt for anti bird nets instead of any other common bird deterrent methods? Here are just some of the benefits of anti bird netting:

Protect crops

One of the most important advantages of using anti bird netting is its ability to protect crops from birds. By creating a physical barrier between the crops and unwanted pests, the mesh netting prevents birds from accessing and feeding on any fruit, vegetables, plants or other crops growing in pastures or fields. This helps farmers avoid costly losses due to crop damage, while also saving time and money spent on other pest control methods that could be harmful to growing crops.

Won't interrupt crop growth

Another advantage of using anti bird netting is that it won't get in the way of your crop growth. As pollinating insects are still able to pass through the small holes in the netting, crops can continue to grow and develop as normal, with plenty of access to sunlight. Anti bird netting is also completely non-toxic; you won't need to resort to harmful or dangerous pesticides to control birds (although do note that insects can still pass through the netting, so normal pest control procedures should apply.)

Prevents health risks

Using anti bird netting also helps to reduce any potential health risks caused by the presence of birds. As you may already know, birds are carriers of bacteria, and are known to transmit parasites through their droppings and feathers (parasites which can be incredibly dangerous for humans and other animals alike.) By keeping birds away from your crops, you’ll be able to ensure that they remain protected from these potential health risks.

Protect farm livestock

The presence of wild birds can also pose a health risk to birds on your farm; bird flu and avian influenza can be catastrophic for farm livestock, and can result in mass culling and a massive loss in revenue. Anti bird nets can decrease the number of birds that come into contact with your farm animals, while also keeping birds away from valuable crops.


Lastly, anti bird nets are a cost-effective solution for protecting your crops. Compared to traditional methods of pest control such as traps, poisons and sprays, anti bird nets are relatively cheap and easy to install - and 100% non-toxic.

Commercial anti bird netting London

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