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anti-bird mesh

Anti Bird Mesh System

Our Apex Weld mesh is a self supporting, robust option that similarly to netting is installed as a physical barrier to deny roosting and nesting opportunities but is used as an alternative to netting to cover larger areas where opportunity to fit intermediate fixings are limited or not available at all.

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bird netting installers

Anti Bird Netting

Apex Anti bird netting is in most cases the most effective method for proofing against Pigeons and Gulls. It is an ideal and humane solution for open areas such as roofs, under canopies or as a physical barrier to prevent ingress to crevices or obscure areas that birds will use to roost.

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anti bird spike systems

Anti Bird Spike System

Apex Anti bird spikes are used to prevent birds from roosting on exposed ledges, sills, steel beams, etc. It is a humane system which is extremely discreet and effective when used in the correct scenario. The system consists of a polycarbonate base and steel spike which is…

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bird mess removal, guano cleaning

Guano Clearance

Contact with bird guano can pose a potential risk to health. There are many diseases associated with inhaling the dust from pigeon droppings such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcus and psittacosis to name a few. Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus which grows in droppings and in cases of high exposure can cause infection. When bird droppings dry and become airborne, people may inhale them and become sick.

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hawking as bird deterrent

Hawking & Bird Scaring

Hawking is a solution used to scare resident birds away from an affected area using a trained Bird of Prey. The Hawks flown during the Bird of Prey program in no way attack the birds and in the correct scenario, the presence of a bird of prey on a site convinces the target Species that the predator is resident in the area and that it will attack them or any young they may attempt to raise on the site.

This makes the site less attractive as a nesting or feeding site as the birds instincts for survival kick in especially with nesting colonies.

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Post & Wire System

Post & Wire System

Apex Post & Wire system is a stainless steel installation which similar to our Anti Bird Spike, acts as a barrier to stop pest birds from roosting on a ledge and can be drilled or glued onto the affected area.

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